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Slow-roasted Northumbrian beef, Yorkshire pudding, thyme-roasted potatoes, buttered mash, bashed carrot and swede, glazed parsnip, tenderstem broccoli and rich roast gravy £15.75

Sea bass fillets, olive crushed potatoes, lemon beurre blanc, capers, fine beans & greens £17.75

Herb-roasted French-trimmed chicken breast, pork & apricot stuffing, bacon-wrapped chipolata, Yorkshire pudding, thyme-roasted potatoes buttered mash, tenderstem broccoli, bashed carrot and swede, glazed parsnip, leek gravy £15.25

Pumpkin filled pasta parcels, basil, white wine and black truffle sauce, wilted spinach, Parmesan & pink peppercorn crisp, toasted pine nuts (V) £12.50