Our Hidden Gems

Northumberland is blessed with some of the finest scenery the UK has to offer and the views across the Breamish Valley are no exception, whatever time of year you visit.

One of our favourite little known spots is the truly magnificent Linhope Spout waterfall, an 18m chute of water landing in a 5m circular plunge pool that provides the perfect place for a picnic and a paddle (or a very refreshing and liberating dip if you’re feeling brave).

It’s another of Northumberland’s relatively hidden gems by virtue of the fact that it can only be reached on foot via a rather lovely 1.5-mile walk (each way) on country roads, tracks and moorland. Take a 30 minute drive from Eshott Hall to Hartside Farm at Ingram where you can leave the car, don your boots and set off with some spare clothes and a picnic (we’d be happy to provide one) to the waterfall.

We aren’t promising you the biggest waterfall in the world but we think that nothing quite beats the sound of a torrent of water to feel close to nature. The views along the way are spectacular but don’t be too distracted that you forget to look out for wildlife. You may be lucky enough to see herons, curlews, sand martins and shy red squirrels as well as an abundance of other native species.

What you won’t see is a café, an ice cream van or any public conveniences. And that’s why we like it. Unspoilt and tranquil. Head back to Eshott Hall for a relaxing soak in the bath and some well-earned refreshments!