There is mention of a Hall at the Northumberland village of Eshott as far back as 1310, when Roger Mauduit was given a Royal License to fortify his home, which grew to an estate by 1328. The Crown confiscated the estate after a rebellion but restored it to the Mauduit family in 1359.

In 1415, there is reference to the ‘Castle of Esshete’ owned by a knight, Sir John Heron, but it is not until the turn of the 16th century that Eshott Hall as we recognise it now came into existence. Between 1588 and 1600, William Carr, bought the estate and commissioned Robert Trollope to design and build a new Hall, a modified version of which we see today. In 1792 William’s ancestor Thomas Carr was ‘ruined by his own extravagance’ and the Carr dynasty fell. The estate was bought by Thomas Adams for £34,000 and passed to his son, who died intestate.

Again passing hands, Eshott estate was bought in 1877 by Emerson Bainbridge, founder of the world’s first department store, Bainbridge’s in Newcastle, which later became part of the John Lewis Partnership. The estate at this time comprised the Hall, three hamlets (the population of which was 140) and 1,775 acres of land. Bainbridge enlarged and re-modelled the Hall creating one of Northumberland’s most elegant country houses. He also built more cottages and a Methodist Chapel in the village of Eshott, as well as improving the farm.

In the late 1960’s the older central block of the Hall was demolished, leaving the north wing built in 1881 as well as the south wing. Eshott Hall was changed from family use into what we recognize now as Eshott Hall Hotel, a venue for weddings, functions with some guest accommodation.


Robert and Gina Parker bought Eshott Hall in January 2010 and immediately set about refurbishing the rooms, creating new bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms, as well as designing the interiors to reflect a mixture of antique and contemporary style. All 11 bedrooms are now available to guests as well as the three self catering holiday properties within the grounds. In 2013 a further 5 ensuite bedrooms were added with the refurbishment of Eshott Grange, a separate property situated 100 yards away from the main hall. Eshott Hall is also developing a name for its fine dining and many non-residents are already regular dinner guests. The Hall is proving a very popular venue for weddings and events.